What We Do

We are an online therapy clinic that aims to provide a fun and engaging space for children to reach their potential while connecting them with the most talented professionals available. Making therapy accessible.





You Inspire Us

Orca Online Therapy is inspired by the families whose strong desire for their children's development leads them  to seek therapy, even if it is many miles away. Orca Online provides a space where children can access the most      qualified therapists for their needs without having to spend significant time travelling to and from the clinic. This is especially for those families.



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Find out more about the therapies we offer and how we can help you. We offer several types of therapies and are continuing to expand.  Learn more about how our teletherapy services make therapy more accessible, and how we can help your child better communicate with you and with their community.

  "If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good."     - Dr. Seuss



Excited About Alaska


Orca Online Therapy is starting off in Alaska! We are projected to launch at the All Alaska Pediatric Symposium in Anchorage at the   beginning of November. Check out our journey!

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Special needs children in Alaska that had difficulty getting a referral


Children in Alaska with special healthcare needs


Children in Alaska that need or use special therapy (SLP, OT, PT)


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