ClearTalk Speech and Language Therapy

Orca Online Therapy would like to highlight its partner company, ClearTalk Speech and Language Therapy. Focusing on in-person therapy, ClearTalk is a highly regarded private speech therapy practice, currently serving children in and around the Vancouver, Washington area. The company’s dedication to providing quality and effective therapy drives its ability to meet individual client’s needs.

ClearTalk is open to a collaborative approach with other service providers, educators, and especially children's most knowledgeable expert: parents! Their mission is to increase a child's communication skills so that they can independently meet their needs in a functional and appropriate way.

See what ClearTalk clients have to say:

  • Articulation:!! I can't believe how clear XX's s's and l's are!! She asked for more "salad dressing” and I was shocked at how clear it was! Wow!! Thank you so much!!

  • Stuttering: We were thrilled with our results. Kendra showed thorough and extensive understanding of our young son's stuttering and cognitive issues. She correctly diagnosed him, then patiently and effectively worked with his high energy and easily distracted personality. This was especially impressive as his therapy sessions were done using online sessions. In addition, Kendra coached us as parents to know how to work with our son at home to increase the benefits of his therapy. I would highly recommend her to anyone!